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Wanting to modify or enhance that much loved item of jewellery?


Detailed item descriptions and photographs for yourself and insurer

Jewellery Repairs

All range of repairs undertaken


The skill of restringing for those pearls, gemstones, beads etc.

Cleaning and Polishing

Look after your jewellery, let us clean and repolish

Rhodium Plating

Re-rhodium plating will rejuvenate your white gold


Rings do not fit like they should, you need them re-sizing

Retipping / Stone replacement

We can supply lost or missing stones, help prevent this by retipping or replacing worn settings


Hand, machine and laser engraving available

Gift Vouchers

If you can't quite decide, a voucher might be the answer


Ensuring no repair is needed, let us check that special piece.

Watch Repairs

We can help with your watch repairs.

Wedding Anniversary Stones

If you're wondering what gemstone you will need for your wedding anniversaries then look at our list of major dates.

  • 10th Anniversary - Black Onyx
  • 15th Anniversary - Ruby
  • 20th Anniversary - Platinum or Emerald
  • 25th Anniversary - Silver
  • 35th Anniversary - Emerald
  • 40th Anniversary - Ruby
  • 50th Anniversary - Gold
  • 60th Anniversary - Diamond
  • 70th Anniversary - Platinum or Diamond

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